What we’ve done

Wondering what we’ve accomplished in our partnerships with cabdrivers?  Here’s a sample of our work.

Please let us know if there is something we can do for you!   


  • In partnership with DC Cabdrivers Seeking a Replacement H-tag, ensured formal recognition of this community of displaced cabdriver owner-operators, for the purpose of ensuring their ability to return to the DC taxicab industry as owner-operators once again.


  • In partnership with DC Drivers United for Equal Rights, secured nearly 3,000 DC cabdrivers’ ability to be included on their cab’s title & registration, restoring their right to be deemed the primary owner of their cab.


  • In partnership with cabdrivers in Alexandria VA, co-designed and helped steer campaign preventing legislative changes seeking to stop cabdrivers from charging for key aspects of the services they provide.


  • In partnership with Arlington United Taxi Operators (AUTO) co-designed and helped steer successful campaign preventing cab companies from legislating new administrative fees that would allow them to divert more of cabdrivers’ earnings to themselves.


  • In partnership with the Prince George’s County Taxi Workers Alliance, co-designed and helped steer successful three year campaign in Prince George’s County MD, giving nearly 50 percent of all cabdrivers their own taxicab medallion & saving these drivers more than $17,000 a year in former company-imposed affiliation fees. 

And the precursor to the Excluded Worker Project was the successful 2003 – 2005 partnership with Alexandria VA’s AUTO in which cabdrivers secured clear ownership rights over their cabs, institutionalized due process protections to thwart unfair firings, and cleared the path for cabdrivers to form the city’s first cabdriver-owned, cooperatively held taxicab company. 

 The Excluded Worker Project.  Where cabdrivers design, lead, change.