Our Partnership Model

Excluded Worker Project is a place for cabdrivers who are interested in, or thinking about, improving their working conditions.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. 

The EWP is dedicated to cabdrivers. Dedicated to helping cabdrivers secure economic opportunity and improve their working conditions, while prioritizing quality service for riders. And we do it all by offering high quality, personalized, and multi-faceted technical assistance to select cabdriver-groups.

There is one catch, however: We won’t do all the work for you.

This means the EWP won’t file lawsuits for you and won’t lobby on your behalf. Lawsuits can go on for years and in the end, may never produce a favorable outcome. Similarly, lobbyists can talk for years and never produce a favorable outcome. Both of these approaches however, have two very important things in common: they keep cabdrivers in the dark while ‘the process’ goes on and they divert a lot of cabdrivers’ money to the talkers.

 The Excluded Worker Project does things differently.

Design, Lead, Change. 

The EWP will work in partnership with you to ensure that you – the cabdrivers – take the lead in changing your own industry. After all, no one knows the taxicab industry better than you.

Because no two taxicab jurisdictions are the same however, the EWP uses a flexible, multifaceted change-model that is easily tailored to cabdrivers’ goals and interests and which strengthens cabdrivers ability to be economic justice leaders in the pursuit of their ideal taxicab industry.

The Excluded Worker Project is confident in its approach because it works.

Cabdrivers in Alexandria, VA, Prince George’s County, MD and Washington DC have tailored the EWP approach to their needs and have successfully applied it in their change-efforts. If you would like to talk to some of the leaders from these campaigns, contact us as we are firm believers  in promoting driver-to-driver leadership training: ewp@excludedworkerproject.org.

The Excluded Worker Project.  Where cabdrivers design, lead, change.